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Voices from our community:
Aerial Silk student stories

Our students are the heart and soul of our studio, they are the ones who make it what it is - a community of diverse individuals with unique experiences and stories to share, and we're proud to showcase their inspiring stories. Each one is a testament to the transformative power of Aerial Silk and how it has helped them defy gravity and redefine their perceptions. 

So, here are the stories of 3 of our Aerial Silk students. We hope they will inspire you and help you understand why Aerial Silk is more than just a sport - it's a way of life.

Come join us on their amazing journeys, and experience the wonder of flight through their eyes.

Photo of our aerial silk student Orsi, taken by our photographer Alice Campean


❓ Tell us a little bit about yourself.
🗣 Currently I work in a corporation, also as a freelance translator and copywriter (I subtitle films and write about lovely cakes and handmade stuff). My room is full of plants and I love Elena Ferrante.

❓ Did you practice any sports before you started Aerial Silk?
🗣 During the pandemic I discovered a slow-flow yoga routine, which gives me a calm start each morning.

❓ Do you remember your first class? What did you like most about it?
🗣 It was a sunny day in June 2022, I remember that Mea asked us in our first class what our intention was, and mine was to fly. The studio was love at first sight for me, both the space and the activities filling it with life. I felt a strong impulse that I wanted to learn silk, and this momentum has its effect until today.

❓What have you gained since that first class?
🗣 First of all, I found a passion and a place where I can meet people who have the same hobby, which gives me a sense of belonging. As for the physical part: I gained strength and flexibility in muscles of my body I wasn’t even aware of. The course has a super clear step-by-step structure, therefore each class is for me a little success, without requiring overwhelming efforts, because Mea teaches with patience and respect for our bodies.

❓What does Aerial Silk mean to you? How has it changed your life?
🗣 Now the silk training is an anchor for me: they structure my time and are little islands of joy in my week. When I touch the silk, I get a boost of confidence, and also a chance to be playful and creative. After the training, all my stress is released, and I feel fresh and full of energy. One of the changes in my life is that it is easier for me to be grateful and appreciate the pleasure of being alive.


❓️ Tell us a little bit about yourself.
🗣 I am Flavia, a digital marketing professional specializing in SEO content writing. I always had a soft spot for art, especially performing arts. I started my journey as a Fire performer in 2015, and in 2018 I discovered pole fitness.

❓️ Did you practice any sports before you started Aerial Silk?
🗣 Before starting my aerial silk journey, I did pole fitness for 4 years (on and off), which helped me a lot in terms of strength, and understanding the limits of my body.

❓️ Do you remember your first class? What did you like most about it?
🗣 In my first aerial silk class, I had the strength to hold myself and try out different moves, but how you handle the silks is totally different from the pole because they are dynamic, and you need more control to keep your balance.

❓️ What have you gained since that first class?
🗣 Since my first class, I have evolved so much, not only when it comes to learning a lot of moves. I'm a super fast learner, and learning a new move is pretty easy for me. My challenge was to take it slow and not throw myself into the mindset that I wanted to know all the moves mechanically. I wanted to feel the connection between my body, my muscles, the moves, and the silks. And also train my BAD SIDE along with my good side.

❓️ What does Aerial Silk mean to you? How has it changed your life?
🗣 Aerial silk had a massive impact on my life because it showed me what a real passion for a sport is. It showed me that I could be gracious and feminine (I always felt like a tomboy and a bit of a clown). I have also gained beautiful friendships and a fantastic group of peers who support and encourage each other, and they want you to succeed and get better with every training.

Photo of our aerial silk student Flavia, taken by our photographer Alice Campean
Photo of our aerial silk student Kirsztina, taken by our photographer Alice Campean


❓️Tell us a little bit about yourself
🗣 Hi, I am Krisztina, a Biochemistry Ph.D. student (meaning that 80% of my time is spent in a lab 🧪). In the remaining 20% I wanted to do some kind of sport, which represents me in a way, and more importantly, I don't have to "re"motivate myself every day to do.

❓️Did you practice any sports before starting your Aerial Silk journey?
🗣 Before I started silk (September 2020) I tried jogging, Kangoo jumps, and home workouts... but after a short time it was extremely hard to convince myself (and very easy to generate excuses). I was also awfully easily demotivated if I could not manage to do something properly.

❓️ Do you remember your first class? What did you like about it most?
🗣 I remember at my first silk class when I also couldn't manage to do all the things, but somehow it felt different, I wasn't so disappointed in myself and every little success was, and still is, such a big deal for me (for example doing the invert - your hands being locked in the silk and you do a kind of handstand - I've never managed the handstand in my life and am still struggling with it, but in the silk somehow it felt natural - not easy, but closer to me).

❓️What have you gained since that first class?
🗣 During the silk classes I learned that flexibility doesn't have to be genetically encoded in you. You really can gain it. I also gained strength and trust in myself. I am not saying that I will become an acrobat and run away with the circus/or go to the Olympics, but I certainly have found my happy place in life (where I can work on my weaknesses and show my strengths which I've never thought I had)!

A cloud of thoughts

Our studio is more than just a place to practice Aerial Silk and Pole Flow. It's a place where our students come to feel safe, supported, and empowered. Based on this word cloud, which represents the words our students think of when they think of our studio, it's clear that we're achieving that goal. From "calm" to "passion" to "acceptance," we're so honored to be a part of this inspiring community.

Word cloud of what Onensa Studio's students think of it

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