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Here, you can get a glimpse into some of our favorite aerial photoshoots from over the years.


We've captured some amazing moments of our performers showcasing their aerial skills and creativity. From mesmerizing silk shapes to stunning pole flow poses, our talented photographers and guest photographers have beautifully captured the essence of each student.

Be sure to check out our image galleries below, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook, for more breathtaking photos and updates on our upcoming events.

Whether you're a performer or an aerial enthusiast, we hope our photos inspire you to reach new heights and explore the beauty of our aerial arts.

Oh and if you were looking for videos of our performances, they're here

Our latest photos

Faeries - 2024

Beginners - 2024

Surprise shoot - 2023

Play with Light - 2024

Books'n'Silks - 2023

Halloween - 2023

Blue Sky - 2023

Bodypaint - 2023

Tarnita Lake - 2023

Bubbles and Glitter - 2023

Halloween - 2022

Tarnita Lake - 2022

Forest Fairies - 2022

Spring - 2022

Halloween - 2021

Tarnita Lake - 2021

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