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Monday - Friday - 11:00-22:00

Saturday - Sunday - Occasional events


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Here's how you get to our studios



Bus stop + 1 min walk

Campina II / Campina Sud

Direct lines

  • From Cinema Florin Piersic - 36B, 36L

  • From Bucium - 52, 52L​​

Bus stop + 10 min walk

Fabricii I / Bobâlnei Est

Direct lines

  • From Snagov Nord - 10

  • From Bucium - 14

  • From Cinema Florin Piersic - 23

  • From Baisoara - 48, 48L

  • From Zorilor - 50, 50L


If you come with a bicycle, there are multiple fences around the building that you can tie it to.

If you come with your car, you can park on the street between the bus station and the studio (see Step 1 below) or right in front of the building (see Step 3 below). However, it's usually pretty crowded with cars so you may not always find a spot.

Artelor studio



Bus stop + 7 min walk

Scoala Simion Barnutiu

Direct lines

  • From Zorilor - 46B, 45

  • From Grigorescu - 44

Bus stop + 5 min walk

Septimiu Albini Nord

Direct lines

  • From Unirii - 44

  • From Garbau - 25

  • From Snagov Nord - 3, 10

  • From Piata Mihai Viteazu 2 - 33

  • From Zorilor - 45

Bus stop + 5 min walk

Septimiu Albini Nord

Direct lines

  • From Piata Garii Sos - 3

  • From Baisoara - 33

Campina studio extra directions

Step 1

From the main road or Campina bus station, head down this street

On the way to onensa studio from the bus station

Step 2
Keep walking until you pass the snowboard store on your right

Going past the snowboard shop to get to Onensa studio

Step 3
Climb up the stairs on the right and enter the building

The stairs to climb and door to go through to get to Onensa studio

Step 4
On the ground floor, in the hallway, look for the stairs on your left.
Climb up to the 2nd floor and make a right.
Walk to the end of the hallway and the door will be on your left.

That's it, you've arrived!

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