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How the studio was born

The story of Onensa began with a simple workshop that Mea, our founder organized with a friend who was into yoga and meditation. While her friend led the meditation and yoga classes, Mea taught Aerial Silk. The response was overwhelming, and they knew they had to do it more often.

Mea started offering weekly classes and eventually found a place to share with her friend. Over time, the studio grew, with classes taking place outdoors in the summer and indoors during the colder months.

As demand grew, so did our offerings including Pole Flow and other dance forms. But the need for a space of our own became more and more apparent. It was time to find our own place. And that's how Onensa was born.


Today, it's the first aerial silk studio in Cluj-Napoca, offering a wide range of classes and events to a vibrant and growing community of students.

What we stand for



Movement and flow are essential to physical, mental, and emotional health. We strongly believe that everyone has the ability to learn and grow through movement.



We provide a welcoming and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds and abilities to connect through movement. We also strive to showcase our art. 



Safety is our top priority, but we also value respect, kindness, and inclusivity. We strive for continuous improvement and growth both as individuals and as a studio.

What Onensa
means to us

At Onensa, we believe in the power of connection and flow. That's why we named our studio after a unique combination of two Romanian words: "fluență" and "unitate". These words represent our philosophy of moving gracefully and harmoniously in the studio and our daily lives.


Our founder, Mea (Philomea), came up with the name after much thought and consideration. Originally, she thought of "Philo Flow" to incorporate her name but later decided on "Onensa" to represent the perfect blend of flow and unity.

The name reflects our passion for movement and belief that by connecting mind, body, and soul, we can achieve a state of flow in everything we do.

We hope that every time you visit our studio, you feel the energy and inspiration behind the name Onensa and that it motivates you to reach new heights in your practice.

Mea Ruiter and Alexandra Spark Onensa Studio teachers at the Cluj Circus Days festival in a low lunge pose
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