You have different options to pay a class. It is possible to pay one single class, or to buy a subscription. With a subscription you buy a certain amount of points which you can use for the class of your choice. Here you can find a list how much points which class is, and different subscriptions.

You don't know yet which class to join? With the TRY-OUT card you can try all classes provided by Onensa for a smaller price. 

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60 lei

50 lei

5 points

4 points


aerial silk, pole flow:

heels, stretching:



aerial silk, pole flow, training:

heels, stretching:

valid for 1 month

20 points

( 1x a week )

200 lei



valid for 1 month

40 points

( 2x a week )

380 lei


valid for 3 months

60 points

( 1x a week )

500 lei


valid for 3 months

120 points

( 2x a week )

1000 lei

Try-out card

1 class of:

aerial silk, pole flow, stretching, one class of choice

120 lei


♢ You will receive a card with the purchased amount of points. These points are valid for 1 or 3 months. The date until the points are valid will be written on the card.

♢ Make sure you bring the card with you every class. After the class the points of that particular class will be crossed.

♢ Did you buy a card, but are you going on a holiday? For one point you can freeze your card, so you will not lose the purchased points. 

♢ If you cancel the class 24 hours before class, and no one else will take your place, one point will be taken off your card

♢ The try-out card can only be purchased once. 

Private classes and workshops have different prices.