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Private classes: Your key to accelerated progress

Why private classes?​

In a private class, you get a full 1 hour to train along with your teacher's undivided attention.


Will it really be just me?

This is why we have private classes, but if you'd like to share what you learn and the joy of training, then you can of course bring a friend. ​

What will we do in a private class?

This class is all about you, so just tell us what you want to do. Usually, we hold classes for those of you who want:

  • Some help with a choreography

  • To catch up on some moves and poses

  • To try some wild ideas

How much does it cost?

Private classes have a fixed price of 250 RON per session.

How do I schedule a private class?

Send us a message to schedule a private class with one of our teachers. We'll find a time and date that's a perfect fit, together. 

Mea and Sparky teaching in a knot and laughing
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