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Pole workshop FREEDOM of FEELING
Pole workshop FREEDOM of FEELING

Sat, Jan 27



Pole workshop FREEDOM of FEELING

Together with Cristina from Ritmul Interior we're going to explore through pole and embodiment.

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Time and place

Jan 27, 2024, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Cluj-Napoca, Strada Câmpina 64a, Cluj-Napoca 400635, Romania


About the event

Maybe you too started pole to express and/or get in touch with your sensuality, your body, that powerful woman inside you, and maybe even your emotions. Joining pole classes might help you take the first steps towards this, but maybe you feel you need something extra to unlock this sensual, powerful part of you? Or maybe you just love a space in which you can express a part of yourself that you never get to express? 

If we got your interest, please read on and discover what this collaboration between Ritmul Interior and Onensa has in store for you: 

This workshop is born from our joint passion for dance, movement, and self-expression. We want to share with you the freedom we have found in our journeys with dance, embodiment, and pole. 

Cristina will bring somatic and movement practices that support the safety of feeling, curiosity, exploration, and self-expression. Mea will bring ways to explore improvisation and pole (and floorwork) techniques that are easy to learn and can have a powerful effect.

There will also be dedicated space for group sharing and creating a small improvisation composition. We believe that letting ourselves be seen in our expression, can expand not only our inner world but also our day-to-day life.

By coming to this workshop you will:

❥ Have new tools to support you in feeling your body, your sensations, and your emotions

❥ Explore new creative ideas around your pole practice

❥ Gain more self-trust in your artistic expression

❥ Be offered tools to unlock the expression of your sensuality

❥ Receive and offer support to other women 

The tools and practices of the workshop:

❥ Pole technique

❥ Somatic and embodiment practices

❥ Performative invitations

❥ Sharing

Who can join?

  • Everyone who has had at least 3 pole classes, anywhere on this planet. You can join if you are not a student at Onensa. 

How many can join?

  • The number of places is limited to 10 students (minimum 5). 

How long will it be?

  • 2.5 hours


How much does it cost?

  • 140 regular entry
  • 120 if you're one of our Onensa students

Deadline to join: 

  • 24th of January

About Mea and Cristina

❥ I am Mea. I have been teaching pole for more than 7 years now to many beautiful women. One of the things Pole has helped me tremendously with, teaching and dancing, is my sensuality and ability to express myself through dance. 

Because this was not natural to me when I started pole, I learned which road I had to walk, to unlock and unleash this powerful woman in myself. And after all these years of teaching, I am starting to understand what works for other women too.

Through Onensa I work on my dream to help students express their authentic selves, to feel confident through movement, and to create space where students have a place where they can be themselves safely, without judgment. To connect with themselves and with others. 

❥ I am Cristina Chirnogea. I am passionate about movement, dance, photography, and nature and all the ways they interconnect and tell us something about life.

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Dance Movement Therapy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Authentic Movement. I have explored and continue to explore various types of movement and embodiment practices that put me in contact with myself and life.

Through the project Ritmul Interior I facilitate dance and movement workshops and programs, ONLINE and LIVE, alone and in collaboration with others. I also work in individual sessions through somatic coaching, which has a big component of listening to the body.

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