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Onensa organises event regularly. See the Instagram or Facebook page for the upcomming events. 

Frequently held events:

Heels: Always wanted to learn to dance and move sensual and sexy on heels? Join Alexandra's workshops, where you will learn how to dance more stable on heels, a little choreography, and most of all to express that damn sensual goddess inside you!

Women circle: every new moon we come together with max. 13 women. There is an activity (some of the things we did so far: dreamcatchers, mandala's, pottery, somatic dance), and a connection game that helps us connect with each other and ourselves. 

Night club - WOMEN ONLY: The studio turns into a night club! But, only for women! Don't forget to bring that sexy outfit you never have the possibility to wear. Everyone who does a performance gets free entrance!

Working girls: Every Tuesday 11:00 we get together in a cafe to work together on the laptop. Much more fun and motivating, than alone at home! Send us a message if you would like to be added to the Whatsapp group. 

Photoshoots, Aerial silk drop workshops, Pole Exotic workshops... etc! 

See below which events where held in the past ⏬


Past events

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